Plympton-Wyoming businesses may open on holidays

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Plympton-Wyoming Council is looking at opening the community for business during holidays.

A public meeting will be held tonight to talk about allowing businesses to voluntarily open on Family Day, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day and Thanksgiving Day.

Mayor Lonny Napper says a local winery asked for the exemption for its tourists. “Alton Farm Estate Winery asked for the exemption; they have a retail store there and a bed and breakfast and a lot of their sales are based around holidays and people vacationing,” says Napper.

So far, Napper says there has been very few people voice concerns to him. “I haven’t heard any negatives yet,” he says. “A lot of retailers say it is like Sunday shopping; in rural Ontario I don’t think they feel they are forced into it like the bigger cities.”

Napper says allowing the change won’t affect a lot of businesses in the area if it goes into effect since tourism based businesses are already exempt.

“I’m sure there are some people from days gone by that say we should be closing down but with Sunday shopping, it seems the natural thing to do.”