Rail group wants all levels of government to help passenger service


A local VIA advocacy group says municipal, county, provincial and federal governments all have to invest and promote passenger rail service.

RAIL officials were part of a summit held by the South Western Economic Alliance recently.

Service providers at the conference pointed out 60 percent of the VIA riders are female, 30 percent are students and 25 are seniors. While 80 percent are drivers, only 40 percent have access to a car. Another 40 percent of riders are low income. Local advocates say the research shows there is a real need for service.

“Our approach to seek municipal/county, provincial and federal government investment was voiced by many as one that needed further exploration.” Sarnia-Lambton is fortunate to have garnered local government support already,” says Mabel Higgins, one of the Sarnia-Lambton delegates to the conference.

Higgins says other countries use a cross-investment solution with all levels of government. It’s message the group plans to take to the provincial Minister of Transportation in the future.