Township assessing fire damage


Plympton-Wyoming officials are assessing the damage after fire ripped through the Wyoming public works garage.

Just as the Wyoming Fire Department was done choosing its new chief, Mike Vasey, they were called out to the steel clad building on Front Street to find smoke and flames last week.

They were able to put out the fire but had to return around 5 am when more flames were spotted.

Mayor Lonny Napper says two small pieces of equipment used in snow removal were destroyed. “It was for cleaning sidewalks and it is a smaller piece of equipment. It is really easily attainable and it might be leased until we get another one. The other was a smaller truck used on the streets of Wyoming.”

Napper says the bigger problem may be the building. “It looks like there is extensive damage, up in the attic down through the walls in the center of the building,” he says. “It is metal clad outside and inside, so its hard to tell . We just refurbished it not that long ago.”

Napper says the building and the equipment is fully insured but it will take some time to replace the equipment and repair the building.