Ready, set, run! Municipal election nominations open


If you’re a political junkie, 2014 is likely to be a very good year.

There is lots of speculation the NDP will pull the trigger sending us to the polls for a provincial election and municipal leaders are gearing up for an October polling date.

People interested in running for positions in their local governments can begin filing their papers Jan. 2.

Mandi Pearson, Petrolia’s deputy clerk, says it is very rare to have some come in the first day to announce their intentions to seek local office. “We had one year we had someone come in early but normally people start coming in the spring,” she says. “There are usually a lot of last minute filings.”

There is good reason to file early, Pearson says. “You can’t campaign until you file.”

There is only one major change which will take place in the make up of municipal councils during this election. In Plympton-Wyoming, council voted to eliminate the position of deputy-mayor earlier this year. Instead, people in that municipality will elect six councilors, leaving a council still consisting of seven members.

Nominations for municipal councils and school board trustees for all four school boards can generally be filed at the office of your municipality. Nominations open Thursday Jan. 2 and close Frid. Sept, 12 at 2 p.m. Anyone running for office must pay a $100 filing fee.