Road crews making headway after heavy snow


Driving conditions, like here on the Kimball Sideroad near Petrolia Line, are challenging because of wind blowing around freshly fallen snow.


The Petrolia Public Works department is asking homeowners to keep their cars and trucks in the driveway as they try to deal with the heavy snowfall.

Officials say the snow removal is going well, with all available equipment and manpower working on removing at least 20 centimeters of snow which fell on Sunday. Officials say main roads in good condition. Side streets are still snow covered and hard packed; work crews are salting these now.

In a news release, Director of Operations Joe Adams asks that people try not to park on the street so all of the street can be cleared. He also asks people keep an eye out for equipment and give the operators space to clear the roads. Adams adds it is against the highway traffic act to put snow from your driveway onto the road.

In Lambton County, road crews have been pushing back the snow all day with full crews on the road across the county. While the snow is only light now, the main problem, especially in open areas, is drifting.

And operators say as the temperature plummets, salt and sand become less effective.