Another Cold Weather Alert in Lambton


As the winds pick up and the temperatures dip, the Lambton Medical Officer of Health has issued another Cold Weather Alert.

Environment Canada predicts the daily, low air temperature will drop to -16°C today and -23°C tonightThe wind chill values over the next few days, especially at night, will feel extremely cold.The cold alert will remain in effect until Thursday when temperatures are expected to climb above the alert threshold.

Residents should take precautions during a Cold Weather Alert by dressing in layers, shielding exposed areas from the wind such as head, neck and face, and limiting time spent outdoors. Overexposure to cold can be hazardous, even life-threatening. Hypothermia, which can strike in any season, occurs when the body temperature drops below the normal range between 36.1°C and 37.8°C (97°F-100°F). Symptoms may include pale skin, lethargy, confusion, excessive shivering and hallucinations.

Frostbite can occur in skin that is overexposed to cold temperatures. Symptoms of frostbite include skin turning red, blue, or a grey/white colour. Individuals may also experience pain, numbness and stiffness, especially in fingers, toes, ears and nose.