Snowy trail closed to walkers


The Wyoming to Reeces Corners Trail, see here in the fall, is now closed to walkers because of the snow.


Walkers who have been enjoying the Wyoming to Reeces Corners Trail will have to find another route until March.

Plympton-Wyoming has closed the trail because it was becoming too costly and difficult to keep up with the snow removal

Mayor Lonny Napper says the town originally had hoped to keep the trail open year-round and had hired a private contractor to keep the walkway clear. But as the snow began to fall and didn’t stop, it became difficult to keep it clear enough for people to walk on.

“The snow was getting deep on it and the banks were way high…The way this winter went, it just wasn’t feasible,” says Napper.

“The snow was getting out of hand and we were getting a little concerned with the condition of the trail when people got on it.”

Councilor Bob Woolvet also expressed concern about the cost of the clearing; about $150 each time the contractor removed the snow.

“It was something we didn’t take lightly, “ says Napper, adding a lot of people were using the trail in the winter. “Sometimes we have to look at the feasibility of it…and we did have some comments from people saying ‘I see the trail is done but by sidewalk is not done…It’s nice to have that but you have to have your priorities straight.”

Napper says this year, council will look at ways to keep the trail open next winter by possibly using snow fences to reduce the amount of snow on the trail.