Mcauley give Spirit of Coaching Award


LCCVI coach Scott Mcauley has been given the Tom Hales Spirit of Coaching Award.

Mcauley is the coach of the senior volleyball teams.

The award, named after a dedicated volleyball coach who retired, is given to a coach who shares the respect and enthusiasm toward volleyball as Hales did. The award is given to a coach who displays sportsmanship and dedication to his team and sport, someone who encourages the opposition and respects officials and who makes the game enjoyable for people to watch.

The award at the junior volleyball finals surprised Mcauley Saturday saying he just likes to coach.

This season was a little more challenging than others with only eight seniors girls on the team. “We lost a couple of our players to hockey this year, a couple of others went to track – it was an unusual year this year.”

The players who did come out told Mcauley they didn’t care about the lack of players or if they won or lost, they just wanted to play. Mcauley says he “could not say no because they are such great kids.”

Mcauley says win or lose, he just wants teens in Central Lambton to see what a great sport volleyball is. “It’s fast-paced…it’s a good sport that kids out at our school don’t get a lot of exposure to,” he says. “It’s good to show them how fast it can be.”