Fatal accident shuts down 402 at Oil Heritage Road

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A few of the cars involved in a multi car pileup on Highway 402 at Oil Heritage Road this morning. OPP say at least one person died in the accident which occurred during whiteout conditions.

Lambton OPP say one person has died in a multi-vehicle accident on the 402 near the Oil Heritage Road exit.

The dozens of cars and transport trucks crashed in this morning’s sudden snow squalls and blowing snow. The OPP, Wyoming Fire Department and paramedics are on the scene and the westbound portion of the roadway has been shutdown. Eastbound traffic is moving slowly through the area.

The OPP has a mobile command post on the scene and technical traffic collision investigators have also been called in to investigat.

The Oil Heritage Road accident was one of several in the area including a collision near Waterworks Works Road involving at least three vehicles.

Police are rerouting westbound traffic onto London Line and ask drivers stay off the 402.




5 Responses to “Fatal accident shuts down 402 at Oil Heritage Road”

  1. Joe Moore

    People need to use that thing in there head it is called a brain. People are ending up dead, because of pure stupidity. People need to realize, the pedal beside the gas pedal will slow you down. My thoughts and prayers go out to the person, and there family who lost there life today on the 402. So come on people, it’s all up to us.

    • Tyler

      agreed. its not just the bad weather it’s the way other people surrounding are driving at high speeds putting themselves and everyone in danger. The way some people drive in this weather is just like driving intoxicated, you have no control. prayers go out to the person and family as well.

  2. Caroline

    TRANSPORT TRUCKS AGAIN!!! Although they will tell you that they’re safe drivers, they JUST WON’T SLOW DOWN!!! Look at the numerous photos of the beginning of this 2km accident scene and you’ll always see 6 or 7 tractor trailers there!!!! CASE CLOSED.

  3. Caroline

    From a professional at the scene: “there was a pick-up truck lodged between 2 transport trucks and the pickup measured about 4 feet from front to back!!!!

  4. Marg

    It is not the Truck drivers fault for this type of accident. It is the insane way that people in passenger vehicles drive. I have been in a transport truck and I have seen many times that the people are irresponsible with passenger vehicle drivers. I have seen people texting (which is against the law), I have seen people working on their computers while driving, talking on the phone(which is illegal without a blue tooth) I have been in the truck when passenger vehicle drivers want to play chicken with a transport truck. I have seen passenger vehicle drivers cut off truck drivers because they don`t want to be behind them.
    The driver`s that are the worst on the highways are the inexperienced drivers, that driver less than the speed limit, panicked, braking constantly and not knowing how to driver properly in any kind of condition. If you are nervous about driving then get off the roads.
    People lay the blame on the transport driver because they are involved in these situations. They are involved in these situations due to inexperienced drivers not knowing how to driver properly. Do you realize that Transport driver`s are only allowed in Canada to drive at 105km/hr on our highways. They are only allowed to have a 14 hour day including loading and unloading and driving. They do not want to die in an accident, they have families of their own, and that they want to come home to. But as a truck driver they will take the ditch to safe a passenger vehicle driver’s life and take their own. So before you blame another truck driver for causing more accidents, open your eyes and know your facts before the accusations come out.
    I am not sure which vehicle went off the road first in this horrendous accident but don`t instantly blame a truck driver. They are a victim just as much as anyone else.
    My prayers go out to the family and friends to the people who lost their lives in this accident.