School buses cancelled Thursday afternoon for blowing snow


Traffic was slowed to a crawl in Petrolia this morning during snow squalls. Whiteout conditions have lead to school buses being cancelled this afternoon.

Parents may be scrambling this afternoon after the public and separate school boards cancelled buses in zones one and four.

The board’s transportation website – – says the buses have been cancelled due to whiteout conditions in the regions.

More information to follow. 

The schools involved in the cancellation are:

  • Aberarder Central School
  • Bosanquet Central School
  • Brooke Central Public School 
  • East Lambton Elementary School
  • Errol Village School
  • Grand Bend Public
  • Holy Rosary School
  • Kinnwood Central
  • St. Peter Canisius School 
  • St. John Fisher
  • St. Michael (Brights Grove) 
  • South Plympton Central School 
  • Wyoming Public School

Schools (Secondary)

  • Alexander Mackenzie 
  • Lambton Central Collegiate & Vocational Institute 
  • North Lambton Secondary School
  • St. Christopher High School 
  • St. Clair Secondary School 


  1. The sky was clear after 11 AM in Brooke-Alvinston, and remained clear all day.
    Why is the school board so wimpish? The buses could have delivered their charges in the P.M.
    Busing is big business now, but something of a time waste.
    I recall a small bus company , Cowan, handling Warwick, Brooke and Euphemia every morning, no cancellation in severe winters, no heat in the buses, and no accidents. They were always on time.
    We could do better now, rather than manufacturing chaos and fear.

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