Celebrating 127 years of serving Wyoming


It seemed natural for Bill Davidson to get involved in firefighting.

The Wyoming man’s dad was the fire chief and when Davidson was still a young boy, it was his job to activate the siren when there was a fire in town. The button, after all, was in his bedroom.

Davidson, who retired after 40 years on the Wyoming Fire Department recently, was one of six men who were honoured for their community service at an open house recently. The department also said thank you to departing fire fighters Clark Bain, 22 years of service, Adrian Tamminga, 17 years of service, Daryl Moore, 15 years, Dave General, 11 years of service, and Sam VanderKloet, with 22 years on the job.

Davidson grew up watching his father and his firefighting friends. “If you were with dad, you went to the fire,” says Davidson. As he grew older, Davidson really had no desire to join the department but when he took a new job, he had lots of spare time and he joined up.

“It’s something that grows on you,” says Davidson of his time on the department adding there is a real brotherhood within the department. “Some people just have their heart in it; they like to do it.”

Adrian Tamminga is one of those people. He bought a butcher shop in Wyoming years ago and even though he lived near Kerwood, decided to join the Wyoming department too.

“Most of the guys are out of town working during the day,” says Tamminga. So when the fire call came during the day, he would close the shop and head out. “More people appreciate than not that I was willing to shut down the business to help out the community.”

Tamminga closed the shop recently and left the Wyoming department but he continues to serve as a Kerwood volunteer.

Plympton-Wyoming Mayor Lonny Napper praised the men for their work in the community. “I think it is the highest level that you can serve your town.”



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