Live from Wyoming: It’s Lambton County Council


Lambton County councilors are about to get their close up.

County staff is putting the finishing touches on a remote camera system which will allow the county council meetings to be streamed live on the world wide web.

Last year, when Warwick Mayor Todd Case was elected warden, there was a push by Case and several other county councilors to become more accessible to the public. So the councilors approved $45,000 to improve the sound system in the council chambers and to come up with a remote camera system.

At a recent county council meeting, officials took the system for a test-drive. A large screen is mounted behind the warden’s chair. When councilors press their microphone to speak, the camera pans to them.

County officials also have the capability to show videos and the agenda for the whole council chamber to see. Before, only councilors could see screens on their desk. The new system also allows the county to pump sound into several committee meeting rooms to allow other people to hear the debate. The council meetings can now be taped.

County staff tried out the system and now John Innes, general manager of finance is “anticipating that at the May Council meeting we will be able to record and broadcast to the public.”