Film paints a picture of the fallen


Linda Smith hopes a movie about the life and death of a Canadian soldier in Afghanistan will help people remember those who sacrificed their lives there.

In March of 2009, 22-year old Trooper Marc Diab of The Royal Canadian Dragoons was killed in Afghanistan when his vehicle struck an Improvised Explosive Device.

The movie If I Should Fall tells the story of Marc’s life through the accounts of those who loved him: his family, his comrades of D Squadron, and his girlfriend. In the film, the human face behind the honour and sacrifice of the soldiers is seen.

Smith of the Lambton County Military Support Group says the film will be shown at Victoria Hall Sunday at 6:30pm. Afterwards, the director will be taking about the film and the impact he hopes it will have.

Smith says Diab’s “came from war-torn country to Canada where it was peaceful but then wanted to go to help other people…while they were heartbroken by his death, his parents were very proud.”

The film includes interviews with his families and pictures of Diab as a child. It also includes some of the video the soldier took while he was in Afghanistan before his death.

Smith says the movie is very moving and she’s hopeful it will help people appreciate the sacrifices which have been made.

“With the 70th anniversary of D-Day….see graves overseas…that’s not going to happen in Afghanistan’

“In order for people to remember these young people who gave their lives and those who came home and are wounded…this is all they’re going to get to see.”

She believes it is very important now to recognize the Afghanistan soldiers since the federal government’s support for veterans is called into question.

“Most of the soldiers I know… They want to be able to live a life and contribute…so they need the hand up not the hand out…the way in which the things have been changed (at the federal level), yes, its probably way to costly…but it’s the cost of the administration.

“I hope what the film does it gives viewers is another way to look at it because now there is a face and a family to associate with the veteran.”