Hole-y cash: Petrolia pothole fix may cost $200K



The “extra long and hard winter” has Petrolia officials looking for cash to repair pothole-riddled roads.

Joe Adams, director of operations, and the public works employees have been surveying the roads and have come up with a list of streets, which desperately need repair.

That list includes Wingfield Street, sections of Greenfield Street, Railroad Street, Robert Street, Huggard Ave, parts of First Ave, Ernest and Kells, two sections of Catherine St. and sections of Derby and Holland Street. These roads, Adams says, will have the pavement milled off and then repaved.

Tank Street and Discovery Line will have parts of the sides of the chip stone roads broken down and repaired.

Adams has been talking with paving companies and says the narrow streets will increase the cost of the road repairs. “It is a slow process so they bid high,” he says.

While the official estimates are not in, Adams expects the road repairs will be at least $200,000. That’s money the town had not budgeted.

“We’ve not the only one, this winter is just terrible wherever you go,” says Adams. At least one paving company is not bidding on Petrolia’s streets because it already has a lot of work in other municipalities.

Mayor John McCharles says a number of those streets have been bad for a couple of years, but were made worse by the frost in the ground.

McCharles says after the official estimates are in, town staff will have to “take some of the operating capital and move it over there” to pay for the road repairs.

“With every municipality looking for people to do their work, the price will pop up,” says McCharles.

The estimates are expected to be available for council’s next meeting April 22.