Petrolia OKs overnight street parking

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Petrolia’s bylaw enforcement officers will be able to put their parking ticket books away for the summer – at least overnight.

Petrolia Council has approved a bylaw which will allow residents to park on all town streets – except Petrolia Line – overnight.

Chief Administrative Officer Manny Baron says he recently drove through town and noticed how many cars, parked in a safe manner, had parking tickets on them. “It was unnecessary,” says Baron.

Baron says many people leave their cars on the street to avoid drinking and driving and if they are parking safely, there is no reason a car could not be left on the street. “There is no harm in doing so – we need common sense to prevail.”

They bylaw will allow on-street overnight parking from May 1 to October 31.

Councilor Joel Field was concerned people will be leaving their cars on the street for weeks at a time.  “If there is a complaint, we will address it,” says Baron.

“If they are parked legally, in a legal parking spot and its not a hazard, it’s not a problem,” says Baron adding he hopes it encourages people to leave their car and call a cab if they have been drinking.

Mayor John McCharles says the town will lose “minimal” parking ticket revenues with the move.