A new festival with pizza-zaz

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You may not want to eat for a couple of days in preparation for Petrolia’s newest community event.

The Town of Petrolia is hosting Pizzafest June 7 at Victoria Park. The town will close off parts of Wingfield and Greenfield Streets to allow the festival which will include local bands, bouncy castles and local pizzerias offering up fresh hot pizza to take place.

Community Services Director Dave Menzies and the Town’s marketing manager, Laurissa Ellsworth introduced the new festival by enticing Mayor John McCharles to indulge in a slice from Helen’s Hideaway at the town council meeting Monday.

Councilors approved the request for a beer garden at the event. A number of bands have also been lined up for the event including Borderline, Back Up Jenny, The Starbright Band, The Tail Draggers and The Scotch Prophets.