Glad to play second Fiddle


Gerrad Everard and Jenn Kee don’t mind playing second fiddle in Fiddler on the Loose 2.

It’s the latest production by Victoria Playhouse Petrolia and features Jesse Grandmont – the fiddler who rocked last year’s Fiddler. Everard and Kee who join this year’s cast say this show clearly showcases Grandmont’s massive talent.

“He’s amazing,” says Kee who has been friends with Grandmont since they worked together on Country Sunshine.

“It is fun to work with people who are great and Jesse is great,” says Everard. The Saskatoon native recently moved to Ontario to further his acting career had not heard Grandmont until the first rehearsal for the show.

“I had this respect because he obviously knows what he’s doing,” he adds. “He’s an amazing player. He’s a package deal that guy.” “It’s Jesse’s show,” adds Kee. “He’s great – he’s driving the car.”

But she says the cast is filled with talented musicians, pointing to Everard who shocked co-directors David Hogan and David Rogers and the rest of the cast with his uncanny imitation of the Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger.

“Gerrad can 100 percent hold his own here,” says Kee adding during Fiddler he teaches the cast to bust a move like Jagger. “At some point in the show, you’re watching him and say Jesse who?”

And while Everard and Kee are making an impression on Petrolia’s stage, Petrolia is also making an impression on them. “I love this town,” says Kee who hails from Toronto where there is a “Starbucks on every corner.

“Now I’m staying in Bright’s Grove with corn on one side and cows on the other,” she says adding she was excited all week for Pizzafest. “I love that you guys have all these events and festivals.”

And Everard is enjoying life in Petrolia which is not a lot different than his home in Saskatchewan where he still owns a farm. “I come from a farm where the nearest town is 500 people so I enjoy and embrace the small town experience.”