VPP on track for a profitable year


 The Nerd is the next show in the VPP’s summer line up. The Petrolia theatre has already earned 86 percent of its projected revenue this year.

It’s a very encouraging sign.

Richard Poore, the director of performing arts in Petrolia, says with a little more than half of the summer season done, more than 80 percent of the projected revenue has already been earned.

Last season, for the first year in recent memory, VPP made a slight profit of about $13,000.

Theatres across the province are experiencing the strongest sales since the 2008 recession. In Stratford last year, attendance was up 11 percent and officials expect that trend to continue.

Poore says Church Basement Ladies lead off the season with a complete sellout – a rarity in theatre. “I don’t think I’ve very been involved in a production that has been completely sold out show on opening day,” says Poore.

And while Church Basement Ladies was an unprecedented success, the other shows have also been doing extremely well, according to Poore. Eighty-five per cent of the tickets for Fiddler on the Loose 2 were sold – “extremely high” sales according to Poore.

For Canada Sings – the show which just wrapped up – 70 per cent of the tickets sold “good solid numbers.

“We’re currently sitting 86 per cent of project revenue,” says Poore adding staff put $810,000 into this year’s revenue budget line.

Poore there is a “potential” to turn a good profit this year. “If we succeed, great.”

But he says VPP staff needs to keep pushing. “You can’t take your eye off the target,” says Poore. “You have to focus on quality performance and quality talent and quality customer service.”

As rehearsals continue for the next production – The Nerd – Poore is pleased with how the season is unfolding. “It is amazing considering we have three shows to go,” he says. “It’s all very encouraging… but we have to keep our eye on the target.”