Ambassador will learn more about agriculture



Forty two years ago, the Brigden Fair started its search for a young and enthusiastic ambassador who is eager to learn about agriculture and the lifestyle of farmers.

Committee member Brenda Maw says the Brigden Fair Ambassador competition is far from a beauty contest. Instead, the ambassador is to be a 17-24 year old male or female who is confident, well rounded, outgoing and willing to be educated on the need to bridge the gap between urban and rural settings. “This year food (and where it comes from) is a highlighted topic,” she says “ambassadors are educated through hands on experience.”

Ambassadors are not only honored with the title but have the opportunity to develop their leadership abilities, appearing at many local community events and meeting new young people at the CNE conference in Toronto all during their one year time as the Brigden Ambassador.

Application form can be found at by Aug. 8 or for more information email [email protected]. The competition will be held on Aug. 24.