Stay home says OPP


Warwick Fire Photo

The view from the front seat of the Warwick Fire Rescue truck this morning

The OPP is asking motorist to stay off the road as high winds and snow squalls are making driving dangerous.

Highway 402 has been opened and closed a number of times today due to accidents. At 3:40pm Highway 401 at the 402 is closed due to poor conditions according the Western OPP’s Twitter Feed.

Around 10 this morning, Warwick Fire was called to the 402 at Nauvoo Road after a transport jack-knifed blocking both lanes. The department also reported a three vehicle accident near the Forest Exit.

The driving conditions were already poor today with the fresh snow being pushed around by winds gusting to 50 km/h. Environment Canada has also issued a snow squall warning for all of Lambton County saying “persistent snow squalls are expected” and “visibilities will be significantly reduced due to heavy snow combined with blowing snow.

“Driving conditions will deteriorate further this afternoon with dangerous winter driving conditions from nil visibility in bursts of heavy snow and blowing snow quite likely,” says Environment Canada.

The OPP are advising people to stay off the roads.