Impaired drivers still on Lambton roads


When it comes to impaired driving, not much has changed in Lambton County.

Recently release statistics from MADD’s Sarnia-Lambton Chapter show there were 101 impared driving charges in 2014; exactly the same number as 2013.

“I don’t think the statistics tell the whole story,” said OPP Sgt. Tim

Ives. “There’s a real effort against impaired driving on the part of MADD and the police.

“If we give up the fight, impaired driving is going to increase.  Awareness is the key and MADD is making a huge impact.”

Lambton OPP held 740 RIDE stops across the county in 2014.  Very few charges result from RIDE events.

“RIDE’s purpose is two-fold,” says Ives. “RIDE catches some impaired drivers, but it’s just as critical that RIDE changes attitudes and behaviours. It makes people think about the consequences before getting behind the wheel of a car.”

“If you don’t raise awareness, the statistics will climb,” said MADD President Natalie Andrews. “It’s disappointing that impaired statistics aren’t dropping in Sarnia/Lambton.

“Impaired driving is a preventable crime with an enormous cost, physically, emotionally and financially. One incident is too many.”