Lambton will join wind turbine appeal

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Lambton County is anteing up more cash in the constitutional fight against wind turbine development.

County councilors set aside up to $60,000 to become part of a wider court battle which questions the constitutionality of the way Ontario allows the development of industrial wind turbines. “You became involved because of injustices and the lack of control” in the process WAIT- Plympton-Wyoming Spokesman Santo Giorno recently told county councilors.

Giorno says the first hearing in the fight at Divisional Court was “unsuccessful” and the lawyer, Julian Falconer, has filed a motion for the right to appeal for the three families. Lambton County was an intervener in the first case, and Giorno asked them to be involved in the appeal.

“The presence of an upper tier municipality at an appeal can’t be understated,” says Giorno. “It goes from four families who don’t like turbines to a government worried about the health of the community…it opens up the overall question of what is happening across the province.”

Giorno asked for money left over from the first court case – about $21,000 – be used in a possible appeal.

Councilors agreed and decided to set aside an additional $20,000 if necessary.