Discovery hoping to double oil production soon


Petrolia Discovery is hoping to double its oil producing capacity by the end of the summer.

It has been a long time, perhaps as many as two years, since all the wells were operating at the site. At peak production and during high oil prices, producers say $250,000 can be generated from the wells on site.

But the foundation has had a difficult time keeping everything running over the last couple of years. Everything from vandalism, lack of cash and a record breaking storm hampered the effort to get all the wells working again.

All the oil revenue is pumped back into the site. The last audited figures show the Discovery Foundation made only $29,000 in revenue in 2013.

Right now, just five of the 20 wells are operational. But that is about to change.

Acting Chair of the Petrolia Discovery Foundation, Dawn Sperling, says Dundee Energy L.P.  has donated 130 lengths of pipe to the historic site – enough to get 10 of Discovery’s 20 pipes working again.

Sperling says Mark Redick of Redick Well Services, will be coming on site each week to repair one well, meaning by the end of the summer a total of 10 wells will be producing oil and much needed revenue for the site.

“Mark Redick approached us and wanted to help us get our wells up and running, knowing we needed pipe to do it,” says Sperling. Redick is a contractor working for Dundee Energy and he suggested the foundation ask for a donation.

Dundee Energy said yes and on June 30 delivered the first lengths of pipe. “This is an extremely generous offer and we greatly appreciate it,” says Sperling.

“Last few months we have had good oil production considering we only have just five wells running,” she says adding the current low price of oil means they aren’t making as much as they hoped.

Sperling is excited the community has stepped forward to help, adding Charlie Fairbank of Fairbank Oil has also been a great help as the Discovery reorganizes and repairs the problems on the historic oil fields.

“If I have any questions in regards to anything, he’s been a great source of information.”