Petrolia Discovery closed for the rest of 2015 for renovations


Petrolia Discovery will be closed for the rest of 2015 as the town takes time to improve the historic site.

Officials say the time is needed for repairs and updates to the infrastructure of Discovery.

This spring, the Discovery Foundation’s board forged ahead to prepare for the tourist season after the sudden death of the long-time general manager. It hired summer students to run the site with the help of the volunteer board.

The foundation also formed a partnership with the town, making officials the acting general manager for the site. At the recent annual general meeting, Mayor John McCharles announced the town would be working on a new business plan and would be reviewing what would be needed at Discovery.

Thursday, the town announced the site would be closed for repairs.

“Staff needs time to go through the facility and work to refurbish this very important piece of Petrolia,” says McCharles in a news release.

Town Chief Administrative Officer Manny Baron says the refurbishment project will look at all aspects of the site with the hope of creating a fresh new start for the site.