Warwick Wind Concerns hopes to help council find constructive ways to deal with turbines


Another community group has sprung up trying to inform people about what happens when wind energy companies set up shop in the neighbourhood.

Warwick Wind Concerns was recently formed. Monday the group came to Warwick Council on Monday to implore their local leaders to continue their fight against wind turbines in the area and to present a 512 name petition to council stating the same.

Two companies, NextEra and Suncor Energy have proposals on the table which would build turbines in Warwick. They’re hoping to win one of three large-scale wind energy contracts offered by the Independent Electric System Operator which will be offered this fall.

Brad Goodhill is one of the people behind Warwick Wind Concerns. He says most of the community do not want the turbines in their neighbourhood. The group is trying to educate their neighbours “trying to bring the pros and the cons out, even to the people who have signed contracts and others who want to cancel them.”

Goodhill tells The Independent most people are concerned about possible health effects. Some residents currently living around industrial wind turbines have been prone to severe headaches, ringing in the ears and sleeplessness. Wind supporter say the links have not been proven but Goodhill says that can be said for other health problems, such as cancer.

“It took 30 to 40 years before they ever realized the health concerns about smoking,” he says. “It can be a long drawn out process.”

Goodhill says the community has largely avoided wind turbines because landowners banded together during the first round of projects and refused to sign any leases. “Anyone that I know of has never ever signed anything after that 2011 time frame,” he says.

Goodhill adds the “landowners are the ones 100 per cent in charge.”

The group’s strategy is not completely planned yet but Goodhill they plan “to put out whatever information we can find and work with various groups around to come up with other suggestions.

“If we can assist in finding bylaws or stuff like that council could consider…that’s something we can do.”

Following the short presentation, Mayor Todd Case said his council colleagues will stick to their guns in opposing the turbines.

“We are not a willing host,” says Case “and that’s not going to change.”

Case says the township continues in its efforts to set up a meeting with Deputy Premier and London MPP Deb Matthews to discuss the issue.



  1. I would certainly have signed this petition on wind turbines if I’d known about it. Let’s keep up the fight Mayor Todd Case, we can’t loose this fight.

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