Roads damaged in turbine construction being rebuilt


Work is underway to restore roads which were damaged as Suncor Energy built its wind facility near Camlachie.

The company built 46 wind turbines in the area this summer after a long planning process which included several trips to court fighting the municipality, which was opposed to the project.

But the construction took a toll on the roads, according to Mayor Lonny Napper. “We got a lot of phone calls on it because of the conditions of the roads,” says Napper. “We tried our hardest, working with Suncor, to make the roads as passible as possible when they were done for the night.”

But Napper says the heavy equipment, particularly truck after truck filled with concrete, were no match for the chip stone surface.

Portions of Douglas Line and Hubbard Line are now closed as the company repairs the damaged roads. In a notice to neighbours the company says it is working with the town, under the Road Use Agreement, to repair the damage. However over the winter, they’ll remain gravel.

After the thaw, the road will be repaved. Napper says the company pays the cost of the construction in the areas which have been damaged and the municipality may choose to repair spots in the area while the repaving is underway.

This fall’s work is expected to be complete by Nov. 27.