Petrolia actor making movie debut


An 11 year-old Petrolia actor will soon be making his screen debut.

Ryan Godwin, a student at St. Philip’s, is one of four featured actors in a new short film called Elite Nerf Strike – the second of a five part short film series by Aaron Esser.

The film was shot in Sarnia and Sombra area over a period of a couple of days.

The film features Godwin – The Pro – who is in a nerf war playoff when he is kidnapped. The half-hour film follows the team as they try to save him.

Godwin is no stranger to acting. Over the last year, he’s been involved in the Lambton Young Theatre Players’ production of last springs Clever Thomas and the Pirate Queen and this week’s The Magic Nutcracker.

While Godwin likes the stage, movie acting has really peeked his interest. “With young theatre players know all your lines and perform in front over everyone instead of behind the camera…if you mess up you shoot it over – if you mess up in a play you get kind of humiliated.”

But he also likes the action involved in the movie shoot. “Instead of staying in one spot in a play and just rehearsing and standing on a stage, in a movie you’re travelling places…You’re everywhere instead of just on a stage. There is more action.”

Ryan’s mom, Cherlyn, was also surprised by filmmaking. She says it was interesting to watch Esser work with the young people. “I didn’t think it (Ryan’s part) was going to be that much…first they went to Aaron’s home… (and) set up did several different shots in one scene – it was quite amazing to watch… Ryan has been in plays such as Clever Thomas, but the movie is a totally different experience with retakes and different angles and different lighting.

Elite Nerf Strike will premier Jan. 1 at River City Vineyard in Sarnia. It will also make its debut on YouTube that day.