Central Lambton is on the (motorcyclist) map


Central Lambton’s Oil Heritage is now on the map for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Several years ago, the regional tourist group Ontario Southwest printed a unique map for motorcyclist called Cruise the Coast.

“Two years ago we joined the map and it was all about the waterfront,” says Marlene Wood, the general manager of Tourism Sarnia Lambton.  “The waterfront is one of our key gems and so is our Oil Heritage. So now the tour takes them through Petrolia, Oil Springs and Bothwell.”

The route winds through Central Lambton pointing out the Oil Heritage in the community including the “quaint shops” in Petrolia, the Oil Museum of Canada in Oil Springs and a local restaurant. “One of the ideas was picked for a restaurant was 3Ds Eats and Treats (in Florence) which is a lovely little diner,” says Wood.  It’s hoped the communities on the route will see a bump in tourism. “We want them (motorcyclists) to stop in the communities and spend a little money.

“We all know that in certain areas of the county it is a lot more populated or there are larger events going on, so for some of the smaller municipalities it is nice that we can come up with something creative.”

And she says the motorcycle market is huge and is shouldn’t be shoehorned into any negative stereotypes.

“Their average income all the studies prove is somewhere between $65,000 and $85,000. There a huge percentage of them…around 70 per cent mark that are professionals. They have extended stays when they go out – so they’re spending more money,” says Wood.