Warwick says 402 should be on electric charging network


Warwick Township is not taking no for an answer, at least not without an explanation.

Council asked staff to write a letter to the provincial government requesting additional reasons why the municipality was turned down for a grant to build a public electric vehicle charging station at the Watford Museum.

While recognizing that the proposed charging station in downtown Watford would have been in excess of the four-kilometre limit from a 400-series highway set by the province as part of its criteria, Mayor Todd Case says that’s not a good enough reason for the rejection.

“I don’t think this is something we should not let go of,” he commented, noting that a charging station could divert traffic off the 402 and bring much needed tourist dollars to Watford.

“We have to continue to let the province know that we exist out her,” Case said.

Earlier this year, council decided to apply to the grant program that would help public and private sector partners build a network of the charging stations throughout the province.

The list of successful bids does not include any locations along the highway 402 corridor, with the closest successful applications being in the London area.