Lamrecton opens its doors Sunday


It will be a time to see Plympton-Wyoming’s newest park and a time to say goodbye a much-loved summer camp.

Plympton-Wyoming Mayor Lonny Napper says the gates to Lamrecton Park will be opened Sunday at noon for a celebration.

The town was given the waterfront park by the trustees of the camp. Lamrecton Camp opened its doors in 1926 and was affiliated for a time with the United Church.

The grounds are spread over several acres in a residential area stretching right to the shore of Lake Huron including about 100 feet of sandy beach.

Over 50 years ago, the United Church purchased what is now the Lambton Centre Camp near Forest and wanted to sell Lamrecton. But members of several area churches, including Camlachie United Church, felt there was still a use for the campground. It organized a board of directors to run the camp – hiring a couple of staff members to cook during the summer and take care of the grounds.

But the number of children going to summer camp dwindled and the board was losing money. So it decided to hand the camp over to the municipality.

Sunday, one of the board’s directors will be on hand to help dedicate a memorial stone and to mark the official start of the new passive park.

There will also be music, food and summer picnic games for the family, says Napper. All of the former camp’s cabins will also be open.

“It’s a chance to walk down memory lane,” he says adding the buildings will be sold online June 14 if anyone is interested in owning a piece of history.

Since the camp was donated to the town, Napper says many people have talked to him about the impact the summer camp had on them so he’s expecting many people to come and share some memories.

Lamrecton will be open to the public as a passive park this summer.