End of the mud road near Oil Springs


Enniskillen Township is planning to close one of the area’s oldest roads.

Recently, Fairbank Oil’s Charlie Fairbank came to council to explain the poor condition of Crooked Road just outside of Oil Springs and ask the municipality to do something about it. Mayor Kevin Marriott says the clay road is a favourite for thrill-seekers looking for a place to kick up some mud with four wheelers and trucks. “It ruins it for those who need it,” says Marriott.

“They cut ruts in it and we can’t keep up. We just get it fixed and they cut more ruts in it.

“We don’t have the money to gravel it because it is not used by a lot of people and it is a very old road. If it was used enough to justify gravel then we would but it would take some work.”

The township will be closing the road to traffic. Marriott says it will likely be gated and the two or three landowners in the area which use it for farming and business purposes will have a key to get in and out.

The municipality still has to pass a bylaw to approve the move.