Chain of Command: Petrolia crafts new chain of office

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Petrolia Mayor John McCharles will have a new accessory to wear at special events.

The town purchased a new chain of office for the mayor.

The original chain of office was lost in the fire at Victoria Hall in 1989. Shortly after that, former mayor Lyle Hasson, contacted then clerk, Brad Loosely, asking if he could provide a new chain of office. “After the fire he wanted to do something,” says Loosely. Hasson and his wife worked together on the official ornament, which was made of fabric with a medallion of the town crest.

Over the years, some mayors chose to wear the chain during special occasions and others did not, says Loosely.

McCharles says he’s often asked to bring a chain of office, but the hand made item isn’t what people expect. During a trade mission to China, the mayor told council Monday, he was one of only 12 municipal leaders without a chain of office.

The new chain of office was fashioned by International Coat of Arms in Kingston and bears all the names of the mayors since 1974 to represent the next 100 years of the community.

Town council set aside $5,000 for the item in the last budget, however staff says this chain of office cost $2,800.

McCharles says he’ll likely wear the chain during special occasions.