Petrolia wants you to tickle the ivories Saturday


The Independent Staff

If you have always wanted to tickle the ivories in front of a crowd, this may be your chance.

On Oct. 8, the Town of Petrolia is wheeling two pianos under the canopy at the Farmers’ Market for the first ever Piano Slam.

Laurissa Ellsworth, director of marketing, says the concept is simple. “Anyone and everyone is welcome to hop on the piano and play,” she says. “They don’t have to be good at it and they don’t have to have any skill.”

The Piano Slam is the brain child of Director of Community Services Dave Menzies – ironically, he doesn’t play the piano.

When the community services committee decided it would be a good idea, several residents offered up old pianos for the event. Now Ellsworth says, all that’s needed are some brave souls to sit down and play.

“I’ve had people ask me ‘What if I only know how to play chopsticks?’ That’s fine. Maybe there will be somebody who knows the accompaniment. They’ll sit down beside you, you’ll play together and you’ll make a new friend.”

The Piano Slam runs from 8 am until noon, Oct. 8.