REMEMBRANCE DAY: Freedom! by Danielle Mentley



The tears, the anguish, the pain they went through,
they did all of this with thoughts of you.
Their children and grandchildren
and ones they may never have known,
yet they took up their cross and held their own.

Freedom! Freedom!
“We must not fail, too many at home we must prevail!”
“In God we trust, He will deliver us.”
Only heard by the larks that did fly above them in the sky
that marked the place in Flanders Fields where they now lie

Remember the story we must not fail
to remember the fight, remember the travail
Tell your children, your grandchildren too…
these men and these women they died for you!
They loved and were loved and now they lie in Flanders Fields.

Freedom! Freedom!
Now we cry, our hands won’t fail, the torch held high
Our faith won’t waver, our faith won’t break,
we’ll remember what you did, we remember what you do,
through the stories retold we hold dear and true.

Freedom! Freedom!
Lest we forget
In Flanders Fields where the poppies blow
that marks the place where our freedom began
and now we know.

Do you remember the poppies, why they grow?
Water them by letting others know.
– Danielle Mentley