Some student’s literacy tests will count despite cyber attack



LCCVI students who struggled through the recent Ontario Literacy Test in the middle of a cyber attack will be rewarded for their effort.

The Education Quality and Accountability Office says if they completed booklets one and two or if they answered enough questions in both books, their scores will count.

That’s according to a letter from the EQAO and the Lambton-Kent District School Board’s director of education.

LCCVI students feared all their studying and efforts on Oct. 20 wouldn’t count after it was learned there was a massive cyber attack on the EQAO’s website while the test was being written.

Principal Linda Jared says students worked through the test as the computers crashed time and time again. Some completed the test and were worried their effort might not count.

But Director of Education Jim Costello, in a letter to student, says they will. And he adds the EQAO says “students who were not able to access the testing site, who did not have the opportunity to complete the test or who were not successful will still be considered first-time eligible for the regularly scheduled OSSLT in March.”

Results from the first online literacy test will be available in mid-January.