Plympton-Wyoming may spend $45,000 for name change


Plympton-Wyoming merging Wyoming and Camlachie fire

Barry Wright
The Independent

The re-branding of the fire service in Plympton-Wyoming will cost upwards of $45,000.
But it won’t happen right away. It could take up to three years to fully implement, according the municipality’s director of fire and emergency services.
The municipality decided to merge the Wyoming and Camlachie fire departments under one name last year.
It then hired Steve Clemens to be the first full-time chief with the title of director of fire and emergency services.
Clemens told Plympton-Wyoming’s Fire Committee meeting Monday the majority of expenses – should it be given the green light by council – will be for updated logos on items such as vehicles, helmets and uniforms to reflect the singular nature of the fire service as Plympton Wyoming as opposed to the separate and distinct fire services in Wyoming and Camlachie.
The issue could come before Plympton-Wyoming council as early as Wednesday.
“The number one goal is to do it (the changes) as needed, not all at once,” said Clemens.
The committee heard from a handful of residents, including some volunteer firefighters, who questioned the need for spending money on a change to the fire service’s image.
“Is this a necessary cost or is it a luxury item?” asked community member Jeff Hackett.
Another resident Pete Liffiton commented that if his house were on fire, he wouldn’t care what logo is on the side of the truck as long as firefighters are able to put the fire out.
Councilor Ben Dekker says while he recognizes the cost to the taxpayer, he thinks it’s money well spent to help move the process of merging the departments forward which has been lingering since Wyoming and Plympton Township amalgamated nearly two decades ago.
“What we’re talking about here is bringing two (fire) departments together that have to both buy into the concept of being one department,” Dekker says.