Kids stick around in Brooke-Alvinston

Marion Price presents Brooke-Alvinston Administrator Janet Denkers, Youth Representative Connor Cummings and Mayor Don McGugan with the Youth Friendly Award.

Marion Price says Brooke-Alvinston is  “sticky” and she means it in a very good way.
The representative of Play Works was in Brooke-Alvinston to give the mayor and council its second Youth Friendly Award. It’s the smallest community in the province to be recognized by the organization which encourages communities to provide programs and services to keep young people engaged.
Price says if children are active in the community at a young age, they’ll come back home to live.
“I call it sticky,” she says. “Kids say ‘I grew up here, felt valuable and I want to come back’ and this is a real sticky group.”
Price listed a number of programs – everything from sports to arts to youth camps and junior firefighter programs – which keep children active in Brooke-Alvinston.
“There are 47 youth-friendly communities across Ontario,” Price added noting Brooke-Alvinston is the smallest. “You can be small but be big in youth friendliness… It doesn’t matter the size of your community, it matters the heart of your community and you have heart.”