Napper worried about VIA vandalism

The Wyoming VIA station, the tracks just south of the station will undergo a major fix this week.

Plympton-Wyoming’s mayor is worried about a rash of vandalism in the village of Wyoming.
Lonny Napper says taggers spray painted the municipal building and some of the ballparks. They also did damage to the new construction at the Wyoming Public School.
There have also been a number of windows smashed, most notably at the VIA Train Station.
The windows in and surrounding the small station’s door were smashed out recently. They’ve now been boarded up until they can be repaired. Napper says it looked like the vandals had “shot them out.”
“I have some real concerns about it,” he says. “Everybody is trying to keep the railway here. If we keep getting damage to the building, that will jeopardize it.”
He’s also disappointed the ballparks were targeted saying a lot of volunteers are working hard right now to improve the parks.
Napper says Lambton OPP has been notified and is looking into it, but the mayor says it would be helpful if residents would keep their eyes open and call in about any unusual activity when they see it.
The damage on town property has been cleaned up, but Napper says it comes at a cost.
“It’s the taxpayers money that costs us to fix this up,” he says adding he’s “afraid VIA will say it costs too much to keep fixing (the Wyoming) station” and eventually close it.