Non-residents banned from fishing along Aamjiwnaang First Nation’s St. Clair River waterfront


If you were planning to go fishing along the St. Clair at the Aamjiwnaang First Nation, you’ll have to find another spot.

The chief and council of Aamjiwnaang have ordered no tresspassing signs be placed along the river edge, under the Indian Act to stop non-Aamjiwnaang residents from using the area. It has also asked the Ministry of Natural Resources to patrol the area. There will be security along the river during the peak of the fishing season.

In a news release issued Friday afternoon, officials said there have been issues with littering, vehicles driving up and down the river bank causing damage to the landscape and overcrowding on the dock.

“The turning point for me was when a band member advised that he had taken his son to fish but because it was so crowded his child did not want to stay,” says Chief Joanne Rogers in the news release.