Wammes headed to Italy for world championships


Dawn-Euphemia’s Nick Wammes is heading to Italy this week to compete in the Junior Track Cycling World Championships.
The 18-year-old was named to the national team in June, however he was pretty confident that he would make the cut after an April race.
Wammes competed in last year’s Junior Championships in Switzerland where he placed in the top 30. He will be racing in a three-lap and a six-lap sprint this year and hopes to finish in the top 10.
Wammes isn’t sure how his competition will race this year.
“It is always tough because there are new juniors every year so you can’t predict times.”
He says he usually bases race times off of previous years to see how he ranks.
The cyclist isn’t sure if he will compete next year or not, adding if he does qualify for an International Competition, he will be in the Elite category.