Wildlife rescue gets donations and offers to help

Volunteers from Heaven's Wildlife Rescue retrieve a duck in Oil Springs in 2015

The head of Heaven’s Wildlife Rescue is grateful members of the community have reached out to help after the organization temporarily closed its doors.
But Peggy Jenkins says they have not raised enough cash yet to keep the rescue for small wild animals open.
Last week, Jenkins told The Independent the rescue closed because there was no money to continue caring for the foundlings. There is no government funding for this work. It costs about $100,000 per year to help about 300 animals, even with volunteer help.
After news of the rescues problems came out, Jenkins says several people contacted her with donations and there were four people who signed up to be monthly donors, providing some stable funding. Jenkins says she’s thankful for the help. “It relieves a lot of stress knowing there are people out there who actually care.”
Several people also volunteered to help care for animals.
Jenkins is now focused on preparing for the rescues walk-a-thon Sept. 16, hoping it will raise enough to start accepting abandoned animals.