Residents worried about Oil Springs car dealership


Oil Springs residents want more business, but they’re not too keen on the idea of a car dealership next to the  post office.
LTG Auto Sales wants the former doctors office between Oil Springs Community Hall which houses Canada Post and the historic building which used to hold the county’s first newspaper to become home an auto sales business. LTG Auto
The owner was convicted in June of operating an auto business without a licence and failing to display its registered name under the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act and was fined $9,000 by the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council. That may have lead to the zoning request.
LTG’s building is a small, one story building with narrow laneways on each side.
Planner Ezio Nadalin recently told Oil Springs councillors there is enough room for up to four cars and the rezoning would be possible.
But neighbours are concerned. The small council chamber was filled for the rezoning hearing. Paul and Carol Smith, who own the former newspaper building, voiced their concern that the planners report showed LTG Auto’s property line going through the roof of their building. Smith says the building has been on site since the late 1800s. He suspects the county’s mapping is faulty.
Resident Brenda Cummings in an email to The Independent, expressed concern about  the business. “While no one wants to discourage new business in Oil Springs, such a zoning amendment would pave the way for cars to be sold in the centre of our village in virtual perpetuity.
“Is this the type of growth you want to see?”
Resident Dennis Smith also voiced concern that the cars sold from the office may need repair.
“Where are the repairs going to take place, the street?”
Village council delayed the decision until its October meeting to allow for the owner of the proposed business to get a survey done to see exactly where the property line is and if LTG would be able to park cars to the east side of its office.