Alvinston and Petrolia raise $50k for Terry Fox Run


It may have been hot and there may not have been a huge number of people, but Alvinston appears to have done it again.
Last year, the Lambton County community raised the second highest amount per capita for a small town in Ontario – $11 per person. This year, 77 people laced up their shoes and rollerblades to take the 5 kilometre course to AW Campbell Conservation Area Sunday and raised $33,614.50. That was just slightly less than the community which was the top contributor per capita last year, Dresden – which raised $34,000.
The enthusiasm was high in Petrolia as well as 200 people raised $17,000 for the foundation which encourages cancer research. That was more than in 2016.
And while many were there to help raise money for a worthy cause, there were some with more personal reasons.
Diane Trottier’s best friend died of cancer many years ago. When she moved to Petrolia she decided to help out at the local run. Then in 2006, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. “It was a whirlwind. I was only 45 and my kids were little.”
With the help of family and friends, Trottier made it through chemotherapy and radiation. And today she still remembers being told she was cancer free. “In your mind, for a while, it is hard to believe.”
Five years after her battle, she returned to help the run. “It took me a while to come back, it was too emotional.”