Small town girl takes on the universe


Katherine Highgate says being from a small town has allowed her core values and ethics to shine through while competing in national pageants.
The Dresden native who went to LCCVI as a teen and was a 2009 Nicol Scholar will be apart of this years Miss Universe Canada in Toronto.
When she was younger Highgate was very shy, however when she got the call to be a part of Dresden’s Ambassador competition 10 years ago, that changed everything.
She says the opportunity to speak publicly set her on this path.
Highgate will be competing against 67 other delegates. She says although each one is beautiful and smart, her small town values is what helps her. “That small town mind set that you see things through and just work as hard as you can, that’s what has gotten me this far.
“And just the fact that I am seriously proud to represent my community and do the best job I can.”
While winning the title would be great, Highgate wants to inspire small town girls to reach for their goals.
She says growing up and watching Jocelyn Badder win the CNE title in 2006 motivated her to believe she can also be apart of pageants.
“My goal is to show young girls in the same situation as myself who are shy that you can overcome anything.
“It really is overcoming self-esteem issues and becoming more confident. If someone from our small town sees this and thinks that could be me, that would be a big win for me.”
When the pageant wraps up, Highgate hopes to return home. She says she loves the city of Toronto, however she would love to pursue media and TV in the small town of Dresden where her friends and family have always supported her.
Highgate says everyone saying hello to you on the streets is something she misses in a bigger city.