Enniskillen looks at lighting up Petrolia Line


It might be very costly for Enniskillen to light up the sidewalk from Meadowview Villa to Petrolia.
Mayor Kevin Marriott says Meadowview resident Jim Stapleton wrote to council concerned about the lack of streetlights from the county nursing home, which is in Enniskillen, to the town limits of Petrolia. There is just one light, at the corner of Howlett Lane.
And while Marriott says more lighting would be good, he’s not sure it is going to be possible.
Marriott says the poles on the north side of Petrolia Line are telephone poles and much shorter than an average light standard. He says that would mean the municipality would not only have to buy the lights but also purchase new light poles as well.
Marriott says that would more than double the cost of installing the lights along the roadway.
Normally, residents requesting the lights would contribute to the cost but since the residents are in a nursing home, Marriott isn’t sure how that would work.
Staff will look at the request and what it would take for the municipality to light that part of the street.
“There are so many things that are complicated to do that, it doesn’t look hopeful,” says Marriott.