McGugan says cloudy Alvinston water not a concern

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Brooke-Alvinston Mayor Don McGugan says changing weather and construction at the Alvinston water tower caused a few concerns about drinking water.
The municipal staff released a letter after hearing the tap water in Alvinston was cloudy and people were concerned about the quality of the water.
McGugan says the quality of the water was never in question, it was simply cloudy because of the change in temperature.
“The problem was the lake water is changing temperature and the ground and the pipes are still warm.
“Usually, we put that water up into the tower,” he says noting that give the extra oxygen, which makes the water appear cloudy, time to dissipate.
But the Alvinston water tower is being relined and the water is going straight from the pipeline to people’s taps.
McGugan says the water needs only sit for about 20 minutes to become clear. Construction on the tower is expected to take a month.