Plympton-Wyoming looking at ways to improve pedestrian safety in school zones


Plympton-Wyoming is looking for ways to make it safer for school kids to cross the street.
Council has agreed to look at $60,000 worth of pedestrian crossing improvements in Wyoming and Errol Village near schools during the 2018 budget deliberations.
A report from Green Light Consulting says their current pedestrian crosswalk on Broadway at Niagara St. should be upgraded with new red signals to alert drivers to stop.
It also suggests flashing pedestrian activated crossings at Thames St. and Broadway and Broadway and Confederation Line.
The report also calls for a crossing at Holy Rosary School on Confederation which would not have lights.
Town staff is suggesting the Thames St. crossing may not be needed.
Another pedestrian crossing is suggested for Errol Village near the school. It would not have lights.
The cost of the work would be about $60,000.
Mayor Lonny Napper says with more children attending the soon-to-be-renamed Plympton Wyoming Public School, it was important to look at safety measures.
And he wonders if council should consider using adult crossing guards for a year to determine at what points children will cross before adding any permanent lights.
Napper says its time to do something adding he gets complaints about safety “everyday.
“We wanted to show the community it is our intention to look at this… and that this is what we need.”