CAO report won’t be released: McCharles


The Independent Staff

A group of concern citizens in Petrolia which wants an investigator’s report which led to the resignation of the CAO released is getting the same answer, no. But this time, Mayor John McCharles had the backing of the investigator.
Hugh Deighton represented the group at council Monday night. For the third meeting in a row, the group asked for the report to be released.
For the third time, the mayor said no. But this time, he quoted from his year-end address which contained comments from the investigator, John Fleming.
“Mr. Fleming did indicate, however that he had no reason to believe that there were other problems within the administration of the town.
“He did comment that he saw the need for the town to review and tighten its Procurement By-law, especially the part pertaining to the buying, selling and leasing of real estate, and was assured to learn that staff had already been in the process of drafting such amendments,” read McCharles.
“I am confident that, as an experienced municipal executive and investigator, should Mr. Fleming have had any reason to believe that additional investigation was required into other areas, he would have recommended to council that further investigation be undertaken.
“I take comfort, as I believe my council colleagues do, in knowing that the challenge we experienced was isolated to one person, that this problem has been resolved and that we have an excellent administration team that will continue to lead us towards greatness in 2018.”