Releasing CAO’s settlement “unjustified invasion” of privacy


The Town of Petrolia is willing to release the contract of the former CAO but Manny Baron has refused. But the town won’t release Baron’s settlement package.
It was part of a request filed by The Independent under the Municipal Freedom of Information Act.
The Independent requested the report by Investigator John Fleming on buildings Baron owned and rented to the town be released. That was denied and is being appealed.
The newspaper also asked for the CAO’s contract, his letter of resignation, and details of any settlement package. The documents have yet to be released.

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  1. These positions are public service, paid for by the tax payers. I figure if you don’t want your contract published, it’s because you are embarrassed by the content. If this individual hadn’t been underhanded and untruthful to begin with, this request may not have been made! All positions paid for by the tax payer should be available to be made public!

    Note to Heather- we have subscribed to the Independent, but are away for a while and by the time we get home, it will be all old news. Is there a way to receive the Independent by email? Beth

  2. As a long ago former resident with family still living in Petrolia I am always interested in the happenings of the town

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