Petrolia’s new chief to have more jobs


The next chief of the Petrolia North Enniskillen Fire Department will have a full-time job with the Town of Petrolia.
Current Chief, Lawrence Swift, begins his new job to amalgamate Lambton Shores five fire departments this week. The change in leadership gives the town and Enniskillen Township (which funds 40 per cent of the department) time to revise the job.
Town and Township officials met Jan. 11, where Petrolia raised the idea of making the position full time. Enniskillen politicians didn’t want to increase the township’s financial commitment of about $16,500 it now pays for the part-time chief position.
So Monday, before council met, town administrators met with members of the fire board and the mayor to review a plan which would see the new chief take on more duties with the town.
The Interm CAO’s reports to council says the new Town of Petrolia employee would work part-time as fire chief with 40 per cent of the salary being paid by Enniskillen Township.
The town would then pick up the rest of the employees salary and would expect the new chief to take on bylaw enforcement, become the Community Emergency Management Coordinator and take on new duties as the OPP contract administrator.  That could add up to $54,000 to the current budget. For more details on the story, pick up your copy of The Independent.